Cukui: The Art of Staying Rooted

When old neighborhoods get a resurgence of popularity, the “it” factor that originally made the place attractive often gets lost in the gentrification process. The new shops that open up forget about the history of the location and only look at the future with them in it. This is not the case with San Jose’s […]


Real Kabob: The Ancient Art of Persian Grilled Meat

I don’t think there is a better way to understand a culture than to share it’s food, and Iranian food really tells the story of it’s people.  Welcoming, abundant, fragrant, complex, and passionate.  These are the things that represent everything Iran stands for both in it’s food and it’s people, not the extremely narrow view we […]


Petite Galleria: The Jewel Box of Japantown

Right in the heart of San Jose’s Japantown lies the tiniest little gift shop you’ve ever seen.  Hidden in plain sight, you could walk by Petite Galleria five times and miss it if you weren’t really looking.  But it’s there, right next to more noticeably branded Headliners hat store, and it’s definitely worth seeking out. […]


In My Father’s Shoes: A Lesson in Perspective

There is something about becoming a parent that forces you to re-examine everything you thought you knew about your own childhood. You begin to understand the feelings your parents once had when they were in your shoes. The endless list of positive traits you want to install in your children, and the equally long list […]