In My Father’s Shoes: A Lesson in Perspective

There is something about becoming a parent that forces you to re-examine everything you thought you knew about your own childhood. You begin to understand the feelings your parents once had when they were in your shoes. The endless list of positive traits you want to install in your children, and the equally long list […]


My Road to Fatherhood

My wife is currently 5 months pregnant. My entry to fatherhood is nearly here and I am beyond excited. Unlike many men though, my eagerness to meet my son has nothing to do with teaching him how to play ball or taking him fishing.  Those typical masculine stereotypes just don’t apply to me. No, what […]


The 100 Hour Journey: The Long Drive Home

The 100 hour journey got it’s name because the total distance of driving planned came to exactly 100 hours.  As mentioned in my last post, my little car was strongly against the idea of doing that much work, so after only one week and 800 or so miles of driving, we made the decent back […]


The 100 Hour Journey: Car Problems, House Hunting, & Friends in Portland

As much as people like to plan their paths in this life, the universe rarely allows us to stay on our predetermined route. Such is the case with my 100 hour journey. Just over 600 miles into a nearly 7,000 mile trip, my car has decided that it doesn’t like this long distance traveling we […]