Manresa Bread, Part 2: The Fruits of Their Labor

In Part 1, we looked behind the scenes and learned a little about the bakers who make up Manresa Bread.  Today, we will explore the visually stunning results of their hard work.  It should be said ahead of time that the following photos will most definitely lead to cravings of buttery, flaky pastries and hearty crusted […]


Manresa Bread, Part 1: The Bakers

Historically, America’s relationship with baked goods has been directly correlated with two qualities, affordability and uniformity.  We are a country built on a wheat based diet, and that’s mostly because it’s so cheap.  Anyone who has ever been a hungry college student has survived off of $1.50 french loaves from the grocery store as a low-price alternative to […]

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Oak & Rye: A Breath of Fresh Air in Suburbia

When it comes to the bay area dining scene, San Francisco tends to get all the attention. For good reason, mind you.  The further south you move into the bay towards suburbia, the more predictable and less creative the menu items tend to get.  We have some great cheap ethnic places serving traditional dishes, and a […]


Cukui: Staying Rooted

When old neighborhoods get a resurgence of popularity, the “it” factor that originally made the place attractive often gets lost in the gentrification process. The new shops that open up forget about the history of the location and only look at the future with them in it. This is not the case with San Jose’s […]